Monday, March 29, 2010

hey friends~
well, my pixar application is a few steps closer to being done :P just need to finalize my portfolio, submit everything online/mail stuff in, and i'm set!

i know, i know, i've disappeared for a while. things have been pretty busy lately. classes are alright (one of the teachers kind of drives me crazy, but whatev), i've taken up starting to learn japanese (from a taiwanese friend - don't know how legit that is, but it's fun :P) and i've been trying to hang more with people and get out of my room. kind of hard with the recent weather -_- it's so dusty. aaaaaahhhh

here is....a face

Friday, March 26, 2010

creepy smilers

hello one and all~

so i drew random smiling guys. no special reason, just kinda happened. actually, they all pretty much look like the same-ish guy - just some minor differences. same weird expression though. doesn't mean anything especially deep. unless my subconscious is trying to say something....

Monday, March 22, 2010

happy halloween in march!

hi everyone!

so today in my culture class we talked about halloween (we've been learning about random chinese holidays - i guess they wanted to included a foreign one to seem...more globally informed). it was cute - they even included an english halloween poem (albeit written incorrectly: "trick or treat, trick or treat. give me something good to eat. if you don't, i won't care. i will drag off your underwear" :P close enough i suppose) hahaha

so i drew a ghost! and a very sad, lonely halloween monster (yes, howard, he's a HALLOWEEN monster). look, he's waving, he just wants to be friends.

greetings one and all~
so this is something a little different :P i actually painted this my last year at school in my "stream of consciousness painting" phase. feel free to interpret any way you like - maybe the bunny is smoking, maybe that it a speech bubble....

i still haven't come up with a topic for my serious piece - come on guys, help me out :P

Sunday, March 21, 2010

more old stuff

sorry guys, been too tired/busy to draw stuff lately, so i'm gonna post another old one. not that you would be able to really tell, since it's just another sketch in my textbook like all my other sketches in textbooks :P but you know what? i want to be honest! so here it goes - i haven't drawn anything new recently and this is an old sketch! there :P

as you can probably surmise, this was another reaction to watching "where the wild things are" meditation piece. by "meditation" i actually mean...i was thinking about the movie in class and drew monsters ^_^ monsters that actually look nothing like monsters in the movie. actually, they look kind of like muppets, which is okay too because i like muppets.

oh man, i'm rambling today. need to go outside and study some - it's finally getting warmer! oh joyous day!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

more faces

i didn't feel particularly inspired by anything specific today, so i just drew some random facial expressions. i drew them in my lit class book and isolated the faces in photoshop (i felt like leaving them gray and playing with the brightness level - kind of weird looking but oh well). the guy in front is freaking out, the middle guy thinks he's hot stuff or james dean or something, and the back guy....i dunno :P

anyway, i kind of want to work on another more serious piece (serious as in involving watercolors) but i don't really know what to do - i'm open to any suggestions if people want to post :P what should i draw?

Monday, March 15, 2010

does this count as "fanart?"

so apparently i draw a lot from (pun intended) movies i see :P i watched "planet 51" the other day, then proceeded to draw this little dude in my culture class. cute movie, not exactly pixar but who is? :P (besides pixar of course) but i thought the aliens were adorable - especially their little monkey feet. eeeeeek!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


not really :P sometimes i feel like this though. not exactly anatomically correct (arms too short, head too big, hands are mutated, shoulders...i don't know what's going on with those), but it gets the mood across anyway, right? right? (i had to crop out his lower half because that was just super bad. i love pen, but hate that you can't erase it) the moral of the story is...i need to get a tablet and start doing this stuff in photoshop :P

alright, i need to get to work. i think today i will start to (maybe barely start, but start nonetheless) put together a portfolio for my pixar application.

Friday, March 12, 2010

finally a current drawing!

heyyyy guys :D

i did it! i drew something new in class today haha. so i just watched "the princess and the frog" the other day and i am currently obsessed. good job, disney, keep this up, you're on the right track again :P and whoaaa that was probably the craziest demise i've ever seen a disney villain come to (appropriate use of the word demise? sorry, my english grammar is starting to die)

so these aren't supposed to be direct representations of any of the characters. i just felt inspired to draw a flabbergasted frog. and a cajun firefly. enjoy! sorry, i think i kind of messed up the frog dude when i colored him with highlighters :-/ but i was getting tired of monochromatic. and please excuse my ghetto methods of uploading images - i don't have a scanner here, so just ignore the shadows on the page

Monday, March 8, 2010

hello my minions! bwahahahaaa

so the first day of classes was today – i think it’s gonna be a good semester – the new teachers are all nice ‘n all. gonna have to get used to waking up at the crack of dawn again though -_- anyway, i’m back to the textbook sketches. my book for my speaking class actually came with illustrations in it, and, well, i didn’t like them very much :P so i made them prettier!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

hello peoples~
so this picture isn't from my textbook doodling, but i wanted to break things up a bit - thought the blog needed a little more color. here's a little creeper i drew back in....i guess it was final semester senior year. kind of a baby chick monster - looks like he's fleeing the scene of a crime :P

Thursday, March 4, 2010

some fanart

hi everyone!
so...funny story (not really) - i used to kind of look down on anime/manga/the like, and i swore i would NEVER draw anything related to japanese cartoons. i mean, come on....once you get past the crazy hair and costumes, the characters actually look pretty much like the same person...kinda boring. anyhoo, don't know when it started, but i have since done a complete 180 and am currently obsessed with...let's say a few manga series :P haha, i still wouldn't consider meself a manga artist, but a piece of fanart here and there might actually be kind of fun - something different from my usual stuff.

so this is one of my fav characters from the series "bleach" (you want to know my favorite series of all time, read "death note"). his name is ichimaru gin, and he's kind of a creeper, but i looove how he has this exact same expression on his face almost the entire series. what can i say? apparently i go for the weirdos.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

sketchbook: listening comprehension notes

wow, i'm posting early today
i'm just so excited to share my reject art with the world :P here is what one of my entire pages of notes would look like - i could have zoomed in on individual characters i guess but i thought these looked more interesting all together. my favorite one would definitely have to be the yawning rabbit-beast at bottom right (note the claws, this was probably soon after watching "where the wild things are." GREAT movie btw)
have a great day/night everybody! tootles!

sketchbook: speaking class notes

hullo hullo!
well, it looks like it is cute animal day (i guess most days are like that - i'll try to mix it up with some monster/people drawings :P) as you can see, i was trying to stay awake in my speaking class (give me a break - the classes are so earrrrrrrly) i must have been in a good mood or something when i drew that happy llama though. my poor, earless gorilla-bear is another matter - don't remember what my teacher said right then to make me feel like that :P j/k - my teachers were all fantabulous. on another note, my roommate finally heard back from her parents! :)