Thursday, April 7, 2011

greetings friends~

i'm back....surprise!!!! once again i apologize for dropping off the face of the planet. the fact is i haven't been drawing much lately (or actually i've been doing drawings of a different kind - using autocad to make diagrams for patents). unfortunately i've had to put the illustrating on hold for a bit - at least until the author finds a publisher - there have been some complications there. in the meantime i'm doing odd jobs (need a chinese tutor, anyone?) and trying to save up money. my hope is to go back to china this summer,'s official, i will be attending a&m starting this fall to get my masters in visualization! for those who look at that and still have no idea what i will be studying, i will be working with digital media to create art (including computer animation and such). i'm excited but kind of nervous at the prospect of starting school again. we'll see how it goes!

on a side note - i will be turning in my updated eustace painting (which has been printed on gorgeous brushed aluminum btw) this weekend. it's not for anything prestigious - i'm just entering it in an exhibit called "new life in christ" at my church. i thought the scene in "voyage of the dawn treader" where eustace is "reborn" as a human was a perfect, if somewhat graphic, metaphor for that process. it may be a little different from the other entries, but hopefully the viewers will be able to get the message :P