Tuesday, December 28, 2010

hey everyone!

hope you all had a wonderful christmas! i'm looking forward to the new year (not really, haha...to me it just signifies the end of the holiday and the return to the real world...blah) but in the meantime i'm enjoying time home with the fam :)

i finally got to do a digital painting for fun! here's a christmas present i made for a friend. i think it's the best photoshop work i've done, and while i wouldn't count myself with the digital painting experts yet i think i've come a long way :P the character is "hinata" from the manga series "naruto." she's usually a very timid character, but i chose to portray her in her fighting stance - she can be very fierce when she's protecting someone she cares about.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

merry christmas, everyboday! i realized that i never put the last two pictures from the book up :P here you go:

also - i designed a tshirt for my old high school band's annual trip! this year they're going to new york (no fair, we never got to go there haha). here's my first design - waiting to hear from the director to see what he thinks....