Monday, April 26, 2010


the title pretty much says it all

well, just got through a hellish past week - let's just say i have a very low opinion of myself at the moment - but it's best to not talk of such things. i drew these faces in my boring class the other day, they are all quite sad. even the little mutated boy, who should be happy with his balloon, but alas, he is not. apparently i draw people's tears like they have chunky peanut butter oozing out of their eyeballs. i should probably draw more from life and work on getting better facial expression, but i might as well suck at drawing as well on my way to failing at life. yes, i'm a drama queen. no, i'm not being serious. or am i? just kidding. but seriously....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

finally it worked!
sorry, guys, been trying to post for days but was having technical difficulties. anyway, i guess i'm a traitor now - i seem to keep drawing non-pixar movie characters :-O i drew this little guy after watching "how to train your dragon." cute movie and everything, plus dragons make everything better (unless it's "george and the dragon" - sorry, erika, i still hate that movie :P). so here is "toothless" - and if there are any diehard dreamworks fans out there, i KNOW i know the anatomy is off, this was just a sketch from memory drawn in my culture class.

Friday, April 9, 2010

hi everybody~
well, another week has passed and i haven't drawn a thing :( i am, in that sense, a failure. however, i have applied to participate in a language competition - which could be really fun or really bad XD i feel kind of like i have split personality issues, as i fluctuate between being completely calm and having panic attacks at the thought of crashing and burning in front of a large group of people (people who will be JUDGING ME...dun dun dunnnn). maybe my personalities are fighting - i hope the calm one punches the pansy one's lights out and takes over on the day of the contest. that being said, i don't do well under high pressure, performance situations. which is why i enjoy art - you can't get stage fright drawing a picture. unless people are staring over your shoulder, which i don't do well with either....

here is another old pic from the washu days. it's a smiling, eyeless creature thing. his name is fitzwilliam.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

happy (late) easter, one and all~
had a really good day yesterday :) easter service, potluck with some friends...good times good times. we have another holiday today (called "tomb sweeping day" - according to my limited, western knowledge it's some kind of remembering/honoring ancestors day). so no class XD need to get to a cafe and study some more though... i'm gonna be a bum and post another old sketch :P it's kind of bunny-like, fits the occasion i suppose - although what rabbits have to do with easter i have no idea.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

hello, friends over there~
ever feel like thoughts are scrambled up in your head and racing through so fast you can't focus on anything? and it's like your brain can't form complete, coherent sentences and instead you just have these stuttering, thought fetuses that burble and die before they make any sense? am i even making sense right now? hahaaaa, well...state of my mind recently. the internet really does fry brains.

i painted something with watercolors last night! but it was really ugly so i'm not gonna show you. here is a previous drawing i did at some point at washu - it's a spider-bunny-sloth, also known as...a sliderbun...or a bunsploth