Sunday, February 20, 2011

FINAL final eustace painting

alright, for your viewing pleasure......

this is it, i'm not going to work on it anymore haha. i finalized aslan's fadeout (he is supposed to fade - makes him feel more otherworldly - plus if i remember correctly he did magically transport to that location in the book). i also changed the surface of the water a bit, and.........i adjusted the boy's skin color. if anyone else tells me it's still too purple i just might cry -_-

just joshin' - but i don't think i will change the skin anymore. i like the way the added orange contrasts with the dragon skin, but i don't want to make him blend too much with the background. so.....there you go :)


  1. unless i made aslan fade into a bright white light instead of orange....hmmmmmmmm

  2. interesting idea :P
    "my creativity is 'gone'"

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