Monday, May 23, 2011

hello friends!

my apologies for another delayed entry, although i suppose that is to be expected with this blog....

anyway i went to chicago recently to attend my sister's graduation and help her move back home! congratulations sister! of course while i was there i had to take advantage of the opportunity to visit the wade center (brief recap: the wade center is a research center/library/museum at wheaton college that celebrates 7 british authors including j.r.r tolkien and c.s. lewis, and my eustace painting was displayed in an exhibit this past semester)

to get there i had to go through a magical wardrobe.... (on a side note, this is the very wardrobe that inspired c.s. lewis ooOOOOoooo)

found the wade center! look how cute it is :P

checking out the area by the lamppost à la lucy pevensie

and last but not least, the painting:

it was quite an adventure :) up next: painted soap bottle, stay tuned..........

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