Sunday, February 28, 2010

pray for chile

sorry, i know this isn't art related at all, but could you guys please keep chile in your prayers? my roommate's hometown was in the epicenter of the earthquake that happened there - she has contacted her sister and she is okay, but still no word of her parents

a look at last semester

greetings all~

sorry again for the delay, accessing blogs is such a chore over here. but i finally managed to maneuver my way through proxies and such....and here i am :) haven't drawn anything new yet, still in my resting-after-traveling-laziness. also the past couple days have been kind of crazy

anyway, i've decided to open the china vault. i'll be posting some of the things i sketched when...*ahem*....i was studying in class last semester :P there will definitely be new ones to come once classes start this time around. so here you go, take a look at my makeshift sketchbook. here is a dragon-dog. i really want one now. i wish i could have finished drawing his hind foot, but apparently i didn't plan the placement very well. what can ya do?

Thursday, February 25, 2010


hi everybody!

so i'm back! the flight was long, but everything went smoothly, and I'M BACK :P i just found out that classes don't start until march 8th (aiya, the silly people in the office told me march 1st, so i guess i got here a week early). sorry family.

it's a lot better this time around - none of that nervousness about new place, new roommate, etc. it's great seeing my friends from last semester, (although some of them aren't here anymore, i'm pretty sad about that - i miss you guys!) it looks like i can access the blog - the connection is kind of shaky though, so i had some trouble. we'll see how that goes....

anyway, i need to unpack and meet up with people and stuff. talk to you guys later! hopefully i'll get back to making artwork soon :P

Monday, February 22, 2010

here it is....

greetings all~

it's finished it's finished it's finally finished! i'm sending the superhero piece to my client tomorrow. finished just in time too, as i'm leaving the country for another semester day after tomorrow. i think i've realized that i like art again - which is a great feeling after being in such a slump for the past.....while.

anyway, of course i hope to continue posting, but just in case i disappear for a while, sorry. after all i'm going to you-know-where where blogs are....a little more difficult to access. i will try my best. i would appreciate your prayers for safe travel! and i will see you again from the other side of the world :) gotta sleep now and get ready for a day of freaking out, packing, and freaking out some more. g'nite!

Friday, February 19, 2010

hello hello!
so...i am sorry. i have been quite slack lately :( apparently i am not quite disciplined enough to keep the blog rolling - will try to work on that.
the commission piece is done! finished, spray-fixed, and ready to send to the buyer :) i will try to get images of it this weekend - be prepared :P
in other non art related news, it was my mom's birthday the other day - and i baked a red velvet cake from SCRATCH! my friend and i baked it i should say. thanks, megan! (friend's name has been changed for privacy) :P and tomorrow will be an extreme mafia tournament which excited about. for those of you who don't know what extreme mafia is....i am sorry. just know you can never go back to playing regular mafia ever again. (extreme mafia is not to be confused with that "extreme mafia wars" whatever online game - it's completely different)
anyway i need to get some sleep - and to mentally prepare myself for leaving the country again. 4 days and counting.

Monday, February 15, 2010

commission images

hello all~
i'm back in town and the commission is coming along nicely :P still not done yet, but hopefully it won't be too long now. i've posted some of the detail shots. as you can see, above is the daughter aka the superhero. the following image (which would technically be above her in the actual painting) is a monster she turns into. that lamprey mouth was a pain to do, but i'm liking how it turned out. i'm thinking about adding more dripping blood >:) (the father specifically requested the blood, btw) this kid has a great imagination - i think we'd get along well. is another bad image of the ghost story painting. i've worked a little more on it...obviously not done, but whatev. i had to mutilate it some more with photoshop increased contrast/sharpening/etc. because i just can't seem to get a good initial photo (you can really tell which chunks were altered when you blow up the image :P i was too lazy to spend too much time photoshopping)

anyway you all hit the jackpot today - 3 images, woooooo :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

good morning/afternoon/evening wherever you are in the world. so i've made a lot of progress on the superhero piece :D i am now quite confident i can finish before i leave forever to go back to china, and i am feeling much friendlier towards watercolors. unfortunately i was too busy painting (and going to my friend's house to play wii sports XD) to scan any of the recent happenings, so i'm gonna have to tide you over with some old pastel drawings (sorry if you've seen these before, but i need to post something - my blog is looking sad and lonely).

random fact of the day: the sea serpent and this portrait were drawn only using blue, orange (and occasionally white) pastels. i think. if i remember correctly. well, i'm going out of town this weekend so i'll be out of commission a few days. ttyl!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

finally started the project

hello everybody!
well, today i got all my sketches approved and have officially started painting the superhero illustration. but i'm not going to show it to you :P hahaaaa at least not yet. i'm giving watercolors another try, and i'm more optimistic this time. stay tuned.

Monday, February 8, 2010

hellooooo i'm back. i visited my sister in ____ and there was much rejoicing. spent most of the day driving back and watching "a bit of fry and laurie" sketches (after i returned home of course, i do not watch tv and drive at the same time....or do i?....). anyway, all i can say is that hugh laurie is heeeeeeelarious. and then i drew a dinosaur using crayons and a ball point pen (which of course doesn't show up well in this image - i have been thwarted by the scanner again!)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

sorry guys....

so i didn't draw anything today. i was at a wedding all afternoon/evening, and when i got back i was just lazy. so sorry, nothing to post on here :( also i'll be out of town tomorrow/tomorrow night (going to visit my sister) way to post then either.
but (God willing) i will be back monday sometime WITH a drawing. talk to you guys then

Friday, February 5, 2010

just drawing and stuff

hey folks, nothing really exciting to report today. i'm waiting for the client's confirmation on my super hero sketch, so i spent most of the day working on the ghost story painting. woot. can't say if it's getting better yet, but it's getting more done i suppose. anyway here is a monkey :P

Thursday, February 4, 2010

monsters and superheroes

wow, i'm embarrassed to show this to people. so i started my ghost story painting - it's a lot of fun! unfortunately i discovered a few things: watercolors are not my friends...and perspective and lighting aren't my friends either. oh well, so i have some challenges to work through in this one. as you can see here, i have the under painting (don't worry, i'll up the contrast and fix everything later) of two frightened children. but what's happening in the rest of the painting? muahahaha stay tuned for later installments. anyway, this image is kind of depressing me, so i'm gonna post another sketch

woooo it's an alien baby thing! hey, in other news, i got a COMMISSION today! :D yayyy paying job - super exciting! someone has asked me to illustrate this magical, superhero alter-ego his daughter has made up so he can give it to her for her birthday. on one hand, this is awesome because now i can earn me some moneys, and hey, it's a fun project - but on the other hand....i'm gonna have to put this ghost story one on hold for a bit, and that's gonna drive my ocd self kind of crazy. but i'll try to post stuff as i go. and sorry again, the painting isn't quite as washed out in real life...having some scanner/overexposure issues.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ghost stories and pants

well, given all the recent hubbub about doppelgangers on fb (yes, i gave in to the fad) i stumbled across stories of "real" doppelgangers online...which led me to spend an entire school day reading ghost stories and urban legends XD not that i believe in ghosts, but i do seem have a self-destructive attraction to being freaked out. that being said, i have decided (in addition to the daily sketches) to give myself homework. i have a week to draw a NICE illustration about something. my theme: a ghost story. hopefully it will be somewhat humorous, but we'll see.

when i came home, i watched "pants on the ground" (for the millionth time) and then decided to draw a whale wearing pants. or...a pant (maybe?) as it were. hey, if you want to see a lot more really cool animals wearing clothes, you should check out my friend sam's blog

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

doodle series...part one

well, my little sister (one of them) left today :( or i guess it was really yesterday. whatever, i'm bummed. but you don't want to hear me whine about that's some more artwork! we dropped deebz (my sis) off at the airport, and then i went to meet my mom at school for my part time "job." she teaches math, while i sit around and "help" her with things if need be :P really i just sit in the back of the room, mess around, and then drive her home so she doesn't fall asleep at the wheel (got a little narcolepsy issue going on :P just kidding....but seriously). today i drew this li'l dude. i've been trying to work on facial expressions lately. i guess this guy (we'll name him "melvin") is in some wistful/skeptical/bemused state. his spine is kind of mutated, but don't tell him that, he's just flexible. wowwww, it's late, and i have to wake up at 5:30 tomorrow. so, over and out!

Monday, February 1, 2010

technical difficulties

so i sketched something today - i really did. it wasn't much, just a little graphite sketch of some cartoon face. unfortunately i seem to be a wee bit technologically impaired, and i can't figure out how to use the scanner. alas, i must wait until tomorrow when someone else is awake and can teach me. until then, here is a flashback to high school with a prisma drawing i call "story time."