Thursday, July 22, 2010

well, my proxy is seriously wheezing out its final breaths - i can't even get on fb anymore, so here i am again :P still no luck with the images...sorry. i guess you'll just have to listen to me ramble.

my family is finally all here (minus one - becca, i love you). it has been quite a stressful past couple days - mostly having to do with finding a place to stay. all the nearby hotels are full/don't take reservations (can someone please explain to my limited mind how it could possibly be a good idea business-wise to have a hotel and not take reservations? anyone? i don't get it) it has been a huge headache, and i actually braced myself to have to sleep on a park bench somewhere, but with the help of some amazing friends we finally found a place.

and...i think this is going to be a really fun trip :P it officially starts tomorrow, i guess, since everyone was too jetlagged tonight to really do anything. except eat some amazing hotpot XD let the party begin!

p.s. can someone also explain to me how you can have a "banana boat ice cream sundae"....with no banana? the boat was made out of cantelope -_-

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

well - even now my proxy is giving me trouble and accessing the blog is problematic. sorry guys, i would have posted images/would post them now, but it seemed i am unable to :-/ this year - with all it's ups and downs, surprises, experiences that make me want to give up and go home and experiences that make me want to stay - is over. my family is coming to visit and travel with me tomorrow, which is exciting, but i'm honestly kind of terrified at the uncertainty ahead - i really don't know what i will be doing in the coming years. as much as i've complained about things this past year (thank you all who have listened to me whine) i really do love china. i hope i can come back :( and i'll never forget the friendships i've made this year. i guess my next post will be when i get back home (ahhhh the convenience of US internet). so until then....take care everyone

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

the sheep

THE sheep, not a sheep
wowww this blog is boring :P i don't blame anyone if they don't read it anymore. we're in the midst of exams over here - 2 down, 2 to go. and then it's overrrrr hallelujah.

unfortunately with all the craziness (and my laziness - i'm a poet!) i'm gonna have to open another vault and bring out the old stuff. this vault is called "things rachel drew in her sketchbook at uni during lectures and stuff."

oh, and if i haven't said so already, toy story 3 = BEST PIXAR FILM EVER. end of discussion